By the end of 2015 we will support


social enterprises working in partnership with the sector to improve access to expertise, markets and finance



invested since January 2013*

Inspiring Social Enterprise

RBS has been supporting businesses set up to solve social problems for many years. The social enterprise sector is made up of over 70,000 businesses with a combined turnover of £24bn. Our ambition is to support social enterprise to increase the size and strength of this important sector within the UK economy.

Social enterprises are an important part of the UK economy but they often play an even more important part in communities throughout the country. Sometimes it's funding that social enterprises need to get off the ground, at other times they need the right access to networks or supply chains to ensure they can grow and evolve.

We aim to support social enterprises at every stage of the journey.

*This is the financial and in kind contributions which we have made to the sector.